Marinas and harbors can generate energy and income to the waterfront.  We know how to maximize the potential of what they can bring to the community they serve. The trick to successful designing and building of any project is understanding the owners as well as the people who will ultimately use it.

Marine Tech’s experience in market conditions, environmental concerns, coastal regulations, construction, and project duration insures the success of any waterfront project.

Our resume includes:

  • Small boat harbors and lake access facilities
  • Floating and pile supported docks
  • Harbors built in the lake and protected by break walls
  • Harbors excavated into land and stabilized by steel sheet piling

all around the Great Lakes region.

Working in marine environments always presents a challenging range of obstacles. Whether man-made or natural, Marine Tech researches and explores options that offer the greatest return on outcome, schedule and budget.

Intakes and outfalls: Experience plays the greatest role in overcoming obstacles for intake and outfall projects. That’s why we’ve been the company of choice for municipalities, consultants and private industry around the region with a variety of installations from concrete, coated steel or HDPE pipe installed in sand or rock filter beds, or attached to lake bottom supported structures.

We value our long history of on-time completions, excellent safety record and staying on budget – not to mention our long list of satisfied customers.


Dredging in Duluth’s canal during high shipping season was a symphony of moving barges, tugs, 1,000 footers and salties.


Keeping coal tar at bay is like painting a picture. One layer at a time using precise, even strokes.


What’s the answer to pumping tons of organic media the length of five football fields? A few thousand floating barrels.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It applies to consumer products as well as a few million tons of dredge materials.


Extending the life of sheet pilings below the water’s surface in place – saving millions of dollars.