2022 ShoreMaster Docks & Lifts In Stock!

About Marine Tech

Marine Tech has been at the forefront of servicing the Great Lakes region for more than 40 years in all marine applications. In the early years the company built a reputation for experience and quality work, as well as keeping a keen eye on deadlines and budget. That same work ethic is still a priority in every project we undertake.

A couple of decades ago, the ownership changed, and since then its reputation has grown to include – in the words of a client – "problem solvers to unique challenges".

There is no question that there are marine construction companies that can do a good job on standard projects, and we are certainly one of them. We have completed countless projects all across the Great Lakes successfully – meeting or exceeding expectations. But when it comes to unique challenges – the ones that require innovation and experience – Marine Tech is the pioneer

towing through canal



New to the ShoreMaster Family

In early 2021, Marine Tech joined the ShoreMaster family to become the exclusive dealer for the Duluth area and all of North Eastern Minnesota.  For years, the large focus of Marine Tech's work has been quality of craftsmanship and we feel that carrying the ShoreMaster product line is an extension of that focus.  We proudly stand behind these these docks and lifts, with a rock solid construction that will provide endless enjoyment for your family for years to come.