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Ted Smith

Ted is no stranger to the marine construction world, boasting almost 40 years in the industry.  From his humble beginnings as a tug boat captain on the lower Great Lakes, Ted worked his way up to become the president of Marine Tech, followed soon after by taking ownership of the company in the early 2000s.  Once in the drivers seat, Ted's creative mind was able to thrive, leading to some of Marine Tech's most innovative work throughout Lake Superior and the lower St. Louis River.  In his free time, Ted enjoys sailing around Duluth with his co-captain, Laura, and the occasional long sail to Isle Royale and the Canadian North Shore.  Ted still maintains a USCG 200 TON Master Captains License.


ted and laura

Alton Smith

Alton grew up in Duluth and graduated from East High School in 2007.  From there he attended Iowa State University and earned a degree in Supply Chain Management and International business.  With a thirst for adventure, Alton set his sights west, spending the next decade between Colorado, Alaska, and Montana guiding a variety of trips and exploring the wilderness, before eventually coming back to Duluth in 2021.  In the summer months, you can find Alton out wakesurfing or chasing trout throughout the local streams.


brown trout