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Shoreline Restoration & Erosion Control

Residents of the Duluth/Superior Harbor and the North and South Shores of Lake Superior have watched their property being slowly eaten away by the rising lake levels and storm surges from Lake Superior.  In October 2019, Lake Superior reached within 1” of the all-time recorded high-water levels. There is no trend in sight for the lake level to recede as it normally does in the fall of the year.

Marine Tech, LLC is the most experienced marine contractor in the Lake Superior Basin, with years of experience dealing with what Lake Superior can throw at its’ residents. Marine Tech has performed erosion control and long-lasting storm damage repairs to property for many years. Marine Tech has worked for the Apostle Island National Lakeshore, the US Army Corps of Engineers and many industrial and residential customers.

In most cases, steel sheet pile and stone are the most effective ways to control/stop erosion and storm damage. Each project has a specific cure that can save your property and protect your home. Contact us for permitting, design and installation of the system that will work best for you.

lake sunrise

excavator digging rock


Restoration Project near McQuade Road

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Restoration Project near McQuade Road

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